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I was always the one who coached my friends with their auditions.

After one booked a significant part in a New York City production; he encouraged me to pursue teaching, professionally. 


My initial exposure to formal technique was a two year Meisner program with William Esper in Manhattan.  After I completed, my hunger to continue to grow and evolve as an actress persisted. I always wanted to learn more about the craft. I sought out acting teachers with different techniques and philosophies to challenge and widened my skills as an actress, and consequently, as an acting teacher.


My focus is two-fold. One, I want the actor to have a workable understanding of Given Circumstance so, they can approach their work from a solid foundation. Second, I strive to help actors access and use the present moment, the imagination and their memories to personalize these given circumstances.    

Throughout the last fifteen years, I’ve taught at; 


- John Robert Powers

- New York Film Academy 

- Rutgers University 

- Michael Howard Studios

- Anthony Meindl Studios


I have now parlayed my experience into private coaching in Los Angeles.  


Email me to book your FREE 20-minute phone consultation.  

"Christina's approach to the work is three dimensional and she challenges her students to push their boundaries and to exceed their limitations. Working with Christina not only made me a better actor but a better human being."                                 
- Aris Mendoza (LA Based Actress)
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